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5 Online Whiteboard Tools for the Class

Online whiteboards online and free. Tice tools that allow remote work and group work as well. The virtual whiteboards make it possible to encourage the creation and the expression of each one in a playful environment. They are also a great tool for collective reflection and brainstorming.

Here are five of them that deserve the look.

  1. ezTalks

ezTalks is a relatively new platform that steps ahead of its competitors. It is so comprehensive that not only supports free screen sharing smoothly and effectively but comes with toll-free VoIP for every user as well. What’s more, the built-in whiteboard of ezTalks even functions the same as the whiteboard could be nowadays, supporting basically everything from annotations and ideas to sketches and drawings.

  1. Aww

One of the best online whiteboard tools to draw from the tip of the mouse pointer. Convenient, Aww provides you with a unique url that will allow you to invite other participants. One of the strengths of Aww is that it works on all devices: computer, tablet or smartphone. No installation to do, Aww runs from a simple browser. Draw and share at a glance. Link: Aww

  1. Sketchlot

This whiteboard for the class is also responsive. I presented it a few weeks ago on online whiteboard collaborative tools. Sketchlot is simple to use. It is a free tool that provides a shared white sheet or each guest will be able to write, draw, color in real time. The ergonomics of the shared sheet is flawless and allows a quick and intuitive handling. Link: Sketchlot

  1. Stoodle

A great online whiteboard tool. With this tice tool you will be able to create a space of collaborative expression in a few seconds. On your online whiteboard you will be able to write, draw and share pictures. An interesting option for a teacher: the possibility to connect a microphone that will allow you to talk directly with the participants. Link: Stoodle

  1. Draw It Live

In the same spirit, Draw It Live offers a chat system to share in parallel the intervention of everyone on the whiteboard. The creation of the latter is very simple and easy handling. The site provides you with a unique url that you just need to share in order to start drawing together on the same virtual white sheet. Link: Draw It Live

  1. Realtime Board

RealTime Board is arguably the most advanced of this list of 5 whiteboards online. It is perfect for organizing collaborative brainstorming sessions. RealTime Board allows to draw but also to work with images, videos of PDF files. Many functions available for a real collaborative work. The tool is charged but you can ask to benefit from the free for an educational use. Link: RealTime Board

These are five practical tools that are very easy to implement. And you ? Do you use whiteboard in your shared courses?

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