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A New Exchange That Has A Lot To Offer

Kucoin is one of the boldest cryptocurrency now. It is embarking with bold plans because in China cryptocurrency is not legalized and it is not even illegal, but serving Chinese traders are difficult now a days until new regulations come in to play. Any day from now new regulations can be implemented. Therefore, it is totally unknown to anyone what the situation of cryptocurrency is going to be in the country in a few years.

Although, KuCoin doesn’t bother so much about the regulations as they don’t depend on the local customers rather their main intention is to attract foreign investments.

Top features of this exchange

KuCoin exchange supports many top cryptocurrency from its first day of launch incliding Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.NEO and its GAS token are also supported by KuCoin. It will also support some other currencies.

KutCoin is planning not to trade using fiat currency at least for now. This is because there is always a crypto-to-crypto currency exchange competition, as in this market people are more willing to exchange cryptocurrency rather than fiat currency. But it is still not clear whether they will be including fiat currency to the exchange in the future.

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KCS tokens and its advantages

If you now consider how the KCS token bonus plan is issued, it is almost the same as Binance. The platform redistributes 50% of every trading fee to traders. If you consider that there are only 100 million KCS are there this is a good process of generating income. Now each token is currently valued a littler under 0.50 USD, which would make it a very solid investment opportunity.

You know that the demand for cryptocurrency globally is going up and up. The Bitcoin has reached a rate that is really unimaginable, and also some other cryptocurrency. The KuCoin has also started good and Kucoin reviews predict that it is going to do good in the near future and slowly will be counted as one of the top cryptocurrency. Some other cryptocurrency with the same process and planning has gone on the top of cryptocurrency in China and KuCoin is hoping to reach there and they seem to be planning right and going in the right direction to achieve that.

Some of their decisions might have been controversial, like ERC2o tokens listing after the crackdown on ICOs, but anyway right now they are doing very good.

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