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Buying Gold And Silver has Never Been A Smarter Bet

In today’s trying financial setting, more and more people are looking to precious metals to hedge against instability. Of the precious metals, gold and silver are the most popular among investors. Historically, each time the economy has taken a hit, gold and silver has remained strong, or even experienced a massive uptick in value. During numerous deflations of fiat currencies over the years, gold has always held its value and even increased.

Gold is the standard as a hedge against fluctuating currency values, so it’s no wonder that many investors look to pad their portfolios with precious metals and gems. If you are looking to buy gold in Toronto, New York, Tokyo, or London, the trends are often the same, and there are numerous ways to invest in precious metals.

Buy precious metals stocks:

This requires purchasing stocks in mining companies and this kind of investment allows you to trade your shares on the general stock exchange. It gives you liquidity but just like the stock market it is volatile — and carries third party liability issues (which means, in essence, the investment doesn’t exist in a form you can hold in your hands).

Gold and precious metals futures:

While this option is a bit risky for the average investor, it allows you to buy or sell precious metals at a certain price during a certain time frame. You are essentially predicting how the price of gold will fluctuate during a certain span of time. Beware, however, as trading in futures is often the most risky form of investing.

Purchase Mining stocks:

This is another high-risk option but the reward can be equally high because it involves not only the fluctuations in the price based on spot value but also takes into account the production costs, so things like labor and even weather can affect your bottom line.

Gold and silver bullion:

This is the most common way that investors hedge their portfolio, and also the safest. Investors purchase coins or bullion based on the value of the coin or the melt weight of the round or the collectability of the coin.

Gold and silver bullion can be purchased online and gold bars are often the choice of those investing large amounts of money. Experts at Forbes are quick to tell us that gold is as good hedge against inflation as it ever was, and that now is the time to invest in hard bullion.

If you live in or near the GTA, your best source for advice and online purchase is Guildhall Wealth Management. They specialize in portfolio management and can offer advice on gold, silver other precious metals and stones as well as your other investment needs, including how to acquire, house, and ensure your gold and silver wealth.

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