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Why Am I So Bad With Names

Have you ever met someone and five seconds later you’ve already forgotten her name? It can be an embarrassing feeling and most people go through this dilemma their entire lives. The most common reasons given for this problem are: They are bad ...


Peter Loftin – An All Rounder Person in Everything

There is no doubt that Peter Loftin has a remarkable life, and had achieved a lot at a very little age. He was the resident of North Carolina who had a lovely family. He had a loving mother Maree Nelson Loftin who was a school teacher, and a strict ...


5 Online Whiteboard Tools for the Class

Online whiteboards online and free. Tice tools that allow remote work and group work as well. The virtual whiteboards make it possible to encourage the creation and the expression of each one in a playful environment. They are also a great tool for ...