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How Much Does It Cost to Outsource Customer Support in Different Parts of the World?

For the last decades, the development of outsourcing gained first place in the service industry. Providing customer service that allows companies to significantly improve the customer experience become a golden standard for many businesses. Nowadays, more and more businesses around the world hire outsourced customer service from overseas more than from their home countries. But what for? Is there any difference between country there they outsource their customer support? And how much doest it cost in different parts of the world?

Benefits of outsourced customer service

If you want your business to stay on top, it is important to increase the efficiency of your customer support. Outsourcing offers various options of customer support for businesses helping them to save resources. To decide if outsourced support really fits your business goals, weigh all the pros and cons for your company’s needs and resources. Here are some reasons why outsourced support can be beneficial for your business:

  • It saves your time and staff expenses
  • It forces your business to raise productivity
  • It releases you from staying online 24/7
  • It allows you to focus on more lucrative activities
  • It helps increase revenue
  • It helps gain expertise to improve business processes

Too many companies are afraid to implement new technologies and experiences, especially outsourced customer support. What you need to remember is that effective customer support attracts new clients and retains the loyalty of existing ones, so, maybe, it is time to consider such an option, taking into account the perspective of the increased revenue.

Different companies that offer outsourced customer support can provide their customers with numerous solutions. Basically, among of them are inbound and outbound calls, chats, e-mails and many others. In addition, outsourced customer support providers are aware of all the modern developments in the industry, which they take into account to modernize their processes according to all the emerging trends. For instance, according to Global State of Customer Service Report, prepared by Microsoft, 55% of customer service interactions are happening online rather than through the phone or via e-mail. And many of outsourcing companies are implementing technologies to provide omnichannel communication to their customers, according to the latest trends.

“Great customer support is a required component of successful business if you want it to stand out from the crowd. We adopt the latest technology trends to offer our customers unique benefits for their businesses that can help them to stay competitive by providing exceptional service”, says Maya Momotok, team lead and project manager of, an outsourcing company that provide a wide range of customer support solutions – from outbound services to other client care options.

What factors affect prices?

The price of your outsourced service depends on different facts.
Technologies: Fast development of new technologies in the world of web demands more expenses which ensure first place in the marketing field.
Quantity and quality of support team: Quality demands expenses, there are no doubts.
Opportunities to advance quickly: Risky but effective methods of work sometimes need to be overpaid. To risk or not to risk is only your decision.
Growth objectives: If you want more services, you pay more. But it is always up to you and your business goals.

Despite all the benefits of the outsourced support, it doesn’t mean that you must pay the high price to reach your customer service goals. Outsourcing is often much more economical than hiring, training, managing, and placing your own stuff in-house.

Lots of startups have no idea how to choose and where to find good outsourced service companies for their customer support. One of the leading factors which can resolve these questions is the geographical position of the country which provides you with such solutions. According to the NC State University (, country, which is considered to be an outsourcing pioneer is the USA. But growing interest in this chain of industry forced other parts of the World to self-development in this branch. Location demands expenses, and they are different.

Price-quality relations

Outsourcing countries and costs of their services. We rated  the information regarding countries by comparing the estimated salary of customer support representative in their biggest outsourcing companies (Luxoft, Global Logic, Arvato, Teleperformance, and others):

United States/Canada $500-700 per month
Western Europe: $700-800 per month
Eastern Europe $250-500 per month
Australia: $700-800 per month
Africa/Middle East: $150-300 per month
Caribbean and Central/South America: $90-200 per month
Philippines: $300-800 per month
India/Pakistan: $100-200 per month.

Once you are in business, it gives you the endless quantity of alternatives. Costs of outsourced customer support are low in many of above-mentioned countries. But what about quality? For instance, Eastern Europe countries ensure both – good quality and quite low expenses in comparison to other countries. Eastern Europe, in comparison to Asia, provides the same high quality but require lower expenses. That is why for many customers there is no point to choose an outsourcing company with higher prices and same quality somewhere in the USA, Western Europe or Asia.

Outstanding customer support is the crucial component of any successful business and there is no chance to fail. If you are not sure how to find the golden middle between all countries, multiple options of where to start outsourcing your customer support, take a look the countries, mentioned in this article and try to evaluate what kind of goals they can help you reach and the resources you can save by hiring outsourcing support from overseas.

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