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How to Find Growth Potential and Value in US Markets?

It´s hard to orientate in financial markets, find the value and make the right pick. We know financial website that will make screening US markets easier and help you make good decisions.



Company earnings are one of most important data every trader must consider when is deciding which company to buy. Companies with improving earnings estimates are outperforming companies with dropping earnings estimates. To focus on the companies with improving earnings estimates and positive earnings estimates revision, we can use the Earnings sections, where we find earnings rating (calculated from actual period earnings estimates revision and previous period earnings surprise), earnings estimates and earnings calendar.

Companies with strong buy earnings rating are:

Stock Ranking

To evaluate and compare stocks based on their ratios, we use the FS Stock Ranking. Whether you are searching for value, growth, income or overall quality stocks, using the specific rank, you get the list of companies with best ratios and best chance you find the company you are looking for. Calculations is based on PE, PB, PS ratios, ROE, ROA, EPS growth, total debt to equity and many more (according to specific rank).

Companies with best Value rank are:


Most recommended stocks

Analyst section of is perfect to find most recommended stocks. In Most recommended stocks table you find all stocks with recommendation and recommendation history. This quick and simple view tells us what is the analyst opinion on the stock and if the ranking is better or worse than in the past. We can screen indices, industries, number of recommendations or reach specific company and compare with others.

10 best stocks from S&P 500 index with minimum of 5 analyst recommendations are currently:

Target price and potential

When we want to know what is the company with highest potential and target price, we look into Target price and potential table. We will see their US companies sorted from highest potential with their target prices (mean, high, low) and history.

10 best stocks from S&P 500 with best potential currently are:

Best Dividend Stocks

Income investors find the list of best dividend payers in the Best dividend stocks table. We can screen through indices and sort by data like dividend yield, rate, growth 3 and 5 years and ex-dividend date.

Stocks from S&P 500 with best dividend yield are:

Social Trading

Powerful help by deciding if and what to buy or sell can be the social trading section. counts their member´s sentiment for stocks, forex, indices, and commodities for week, month, 3 months and 6 months period. Also you can find average entry prices, target prices and stop losses for mentioned securities or you can match your skills with other users. This is also area for your comments, advices and discussions.

Insider Trading

Summary of insider trading data can be quickly found on one page – Insider summary. Buy and sell insider transactions can be view on 3 months, 6 months and 12 months period and it´s pooled into one number, which can be easily screened.

Price Range Ratio

Price Range Ratio shows, where the actual price is relative to its 52 week price range. 0 is 52 Week Low, 100 is 52 Week High. On one screen we can find out which company for example from S&P 500 has the biggest drawdown regarding the 52 week price history, it´s performance to 52 week high, target price and analyst recommendation and so we get a quick view where to look for growth potential.


To know the top 10 positions, classification, fundamentals and other details for ETF´s, just look up for the specific ETF, for example the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY):

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