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Peter Loftin – An All Rounder Person in Everything

There is no doubt that Peter Loftin has a remarkable life, and had achieved a lot at a very little age. He was the resident of North Carolina who had a lovely family. He had a loving mother Maree Nelson Loftin who was a school teacher, and a strict father Robert G. Loftin who was a Korean War veteran. He had completed his education from his own residential place and took the path of reaching his goals at a very little age. He believed in the hard work of achieving his dreams and reaching at its highest peak.

A Successful Entrepreneur

Mr. Loftin is known to be one of the most successful entrepreneurs and has achieved a lot of praise in the field of business. It was Peter Loftin who has founded the Business Telecom Inc (BTI), which is a business firm in North Carolina. He has given all his efforts in taking his company to its new heights. Later on his contribution towards BTI gave him his results, and it became one of the top most telecommunication companies in United States. Also he was given the title of “North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year” by the famous business magazine looking towards for what he had done for BTI.

A Supporter of Arts

Although being a good business man he was true supporter of arts and encouraged people in this field. Without making any boundary limitations he has increased the value and popularity of arts in the whole country of United States. Being a supporter of arts he made his largest contributions towards the city in North Carolina. Peter Loftin sold half of his BTI share, and helped to develop the BTI Centre for performing Arts.

The Casa Casuarina

Peter Loftin had purchased the Casa Casuarina in the year 2000, to hold up certain of his charitable work. This was considered as one of the most magnificent South Beach private clubs of North Carolina, but was never used for any personal purpose. Later on MR. Loftin had set up an idea of transforming this Casa Casuarina into a high-profile boutique hotel and club for the purpose of social service of the people. This was a keen observation which the he had made towards this and had indulged in turning it into a business place. Besides this there is also luxurious residential property for people to stay here.

However Mr. Loftin has left a remarkable impression on people’s mind by supporting North Carolina to develop so much. As the appropriate title given above this man is an all rounder in everything. He has always come up to the expectations of the people of his country, and has gained a lot of love and kindness from them. Besides being a true entrepreneur he has also been very supportive towards the needy, and was also a part of many charitable organizations. In each and every field he had gained fame and success. All together Mr. Loftin was an all rounder in everything, and an inspiration to a lot of youngsters at present day.

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