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“Shangri La” in Minsk begins the velvet season of jackpots giveaway

Shangri La Minsk gambling houses chain branch under the control of Storm International begins an autumn drawings series. Every Saturday guest of the velvet season of 2017 has an excellent opportunity to leave the casino with an additional 15,000 in his pocket.

According to the good tradition, Darren Keane, CEO of Storm International, said Saturdays turn into much more than gambling nights. “Shangri La” in Minsk arranges true holidays with an ultimate show programs. The most intriguing thing in entertaining parts is that ones are always authentic. The last but not the least bonus for casino guests will be available. Magnificent buffets with exquisite European cuisine dishes are arranged.

The most interesting will be held at the high of Saturday nights this autumn in Minsk. All of the “Shangri La” guests will participate in the main prize of the evening drawing containing of 15,000 surprises. Darren Keane stressed that everyone can be lucky! Everything one needs is to be in Minsk and to become a guest of the best casino in the Belarusian capital. Luck will do the rest for you!

N.B.: Shangri La casino chain includes three luxury gambling houses in the capitals of Belarus, Armenia and Georgia. The fourth network casino to be opened in the heart of Riga in a new 5-star hotel. All of the gambling houses under Shangri La brand offer guests a unique opportunity to play and to become the drawings participants as well.

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