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Top Reasons Paperless Payroll is Beneficial for the Banked and Unbanked

The current day work force brags more variety than ever before. Within one business alone you can run the complete range of students, millennials, baby boomers, freelancers as well as the semi-retired. Employers must rise to the challenge of drawing in, adjusting to, and retaining personnel from these diverse groups. One major challenge to overcome is how to better meet the difficulties of such a diverse workforce with regards to paying them. To capitalise on the needs of both banked and unbanked personnel, businesses of all sizes are making the progression from conventional paper cheques to paperless payroll solutions.

Here are 4 primary Reasons why:

  1. Save On Paper Payroll Costs

By making the most out of paperless payroll options, such as when using prepaid payroll cards, businesses can decrease their payroll prices while also granting quicker access to wages for their staff. Payroll costs are decreased and efficiency is improved when using paperless payment solutions, as payroll personnel will no longer have to regulate the printing and delivery of cheques. Additionally, it can save your business from problems related to late pay-cheque delivery, which can be due to a number of reasons.

  1. Meeting the Needs of the Unbanked

Although using direct deposit can resolve part of the challenge, prepaid payroll cards can encounter the needs of those who may not be able to open a conventional bank account. Visa prepaid payroll card may also be beneficial to personnel who would like to have a charge card, but do not want to go through the troubles of having a credit check administered (no credit check is required when applying for prepaid payroll cards).

  1. Employees Get Paid Quickly with No Additional Fees

Cardholders will electronically obtain their salary immediately when they are paid. They may then straight-away use it for in-store purchases, online shopping, and utility payments or even withdraw cashusing ATMs. As an employees’ salary goes directly into the card, it is accessible to be spent without ado, this means no more waiting in long bank lines, or having to pay cheque related cashing fees just to access their finances.

The use and advantages of prepaid payroll cards are gaining global recognition as a valuable monetary tool in the business world, and even the banking community is gravitating towards using prepaid payroll cards as their primary payroll solution. They desire payroll cards for much of the same reasons as those who are unbanked, as using the cards are a smart way to circumvent both cheque-cashing costs as well as over drafting fees.

Prepaid payroll cards rise to the occasion where both the banked and unbanked workers are concerned, making them an attractive alternative to companies who wish to extend the scope of their payroll options.

  1. Mobile Solutions for Everyone

The next big development in wage payments is the use of mobile financial solutions. By using electronic payroll solutions, such as prepaid payroll cards, they can assist employees in adapting to online banking quickly. These cards offer a mobile app that offers cardholders the capability of managing their individual accounts while on-the-move by using their mobile device. This possibility has been compelled by the millennials’ increasing use of prepaid cards, which consequently, is causing more and more card vendors to offer features that are in touch with current technology.

A prepaid payroll card is one of the smartest solutions for businesses who have a desire to meet the varying needs of their wide workforce. The use of electronic payroll card programs can alleviate administrative payroll costs while also giving employees a way to get paid that is the shortest, most secure, and convenient.

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