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Why Buying Fresh Seafood Online Is A Great Idea

We’re all well aware of the benefits of online shopping, even grocery shopping from your favourite supermarket, right? But how many of us still prefer to either buy our fish direct from a fishmonger, or don’t really feel as comfortable as we should from an online supermarket? Let’s show you why buying fresh seafood online is a great idea…..

As we’ve shown previously, buying fresh seafood online is a chore for some people. Either they don’t buy fish with their online supermarket/grocery order, or they still physically visit a fishmonger to buy. Let’s suggest there’s a better way – using a dedicated online fresh seafood provider…

See, there ARE online fishmongers, where quality fresh seafood is sold at terrific online prices, so customers get the ‘best of both worlds’ – fresh seafood, but at low prices.

By using an online fresh seafood provider such as Seafresh, there are many benefits instead of using a fishmonger or an online supermarket when buying fresh seafood online.


Let’s start by busting a myth – that ‘fresh’ seafood is often better than frozen seafood.

Yes, you heard that right – and here’s why. Fresh fish can often be around for days before it’s sold, either at the producers or the suppliers. Frozen seafood is often frozen at the peak of its freshness – often within four hours of being caught!


Online shopping is popular for good reason – it saves time, and is ultra convenient. However, its taken some time for fresh seafood providers to gain a presence online, so those that have are often established quality providers with many happy customers.

Let’s be honest – if they didn’t sell great seafood, at reasonable prices and with excellent service, they wouldn’t last long online, would they?

Fast delivery

With the advent of technology, we all want everything as fast as possible, right? That’s why buying fresh seafood online is a great idea – it’s delivered fast (often the next day) and packed well (dry ice to ensure perfectly frozen).

In addition, most online fresh seafood providers will offer free delivery on orders of a certain value, as well as offering promotions such as newsletters for their valued customers.

Great customer service

Any online retailer can only succeed with great customer service, and buying fresh seafood online is no different. You can be reassured your order will be dealt with the highest standards of care, and customer service will always be available to help with any queries you may have.

Not just seafood

Due to the success of buying fresh seafood online, many providers now are scaling their business to include other provisions such as meat, so why not consider ordering your chicken, beef, lamb, duck etc. at the same time?

Conclusion: buying fresh seafood online is a great idea, so why are you waiting?

We’ve shown that we can save you time and money by buying fresh seafood online, from reliable providers with fast delivery and terrific customer service.

So the only question remaining is…. why haven’t you ordered yet?

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